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New Wakasa - Guestrooms


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Basic Guest Room

All rooms are Japanese style.
A mat used to cover the floor.
The tatami mats make people feel cool in the summer and help to keep the heat in the room during the winter.
And also smells good!!
You can have a nice view of mount-Ikoma from the room.

Western Guest Room with open air bath

Western room has two kinds of spaces,flooring and tatami mats.
It has open air bath available on the balcony.
There is a bath in the room too.
You can see Todaiji and mount-wakakusa from the balcony.

Zen Japanese Guest Room with open air bath.

Zen Japanese room is very Nara’s style room.
Japanese sliding doors are arranged in the room, it called “Nara Goushi”.
Nara Goushi is very rare nowadays.

You can try futon for sleep.
It can make your bed if you prefer.